Quantum Quest

Episode 3 Preview

Thom and Jack have an argument. Why? Find out next week when all of episode 3 drops.

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Ep 2 - The End of The World Part 2

Too Cool For School

The gang takes refuge in an ROTC/Visual and Performing Arts high school. They prove to be even more ill-equiped to handle the apocalypse than previously thought.

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Episode 2 Teaser

Jack Gets Mad


It has come to our attention that we did not make it clear that we were a fortnightly podcast and that some have been patiently awaiting an upload that will not come today. For this, we apologize.

To make up for it, we are posting an outtake of next week's episode to whet your appetites.

To find out what made Jack so angry, listen to Episode 2 next week, wherever you get your podcasts.

Find out more on the Quantum Quest website.

Ep 1 - The End of the World Part 1

Character Creation and The Story Begins

The Adventure Begins. But first, we have to create our characters. The first RPG we are playing is called The End of The World and we are, for better or worse, playing ourselves.

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