Quantum Quest

Ep 10 - Cthulhu Dark Prequel

DelaWHERE? More like DelaWHEN?

We begin our third arc by meeting some new friends. It's Wilmington, Delaware in February of 1941. Everything seems nomral.

Delila Moore just started working as secretary for the governor. Timothy Hawks is teaching at the local public school while 8th grader Dot Kindall is starting to explore the idea of liking boys. Rene McFerguson, Delila's sister, is busy volunteering just about everywhere. And Thed O'Hare is being his ususal obnoxtious self. But, when girls start going missing, this ragtag group heads into the woods to find out what exactly is going on.

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Ep 9 - Dungeons & Dragons Pt 4

Sewer Drats!

The gang heads into a sewer to stop Gelfi from his nefarious necromantic ways. Frankenputz refuses to turn into a squirrel for once. Graphalcon is bad at crossbows. Rachel takes a swig of a drink that's absolutely to die for.

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Ep 8 - Dungeons and Dragons Pt 3

Gettin Necrofancy

This week, the team makes some discoveries about some of last week's discoveries. They also make friends with some shopkeepers, make enemies with some tavern-owners and are pursued by some undead.

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Ep 7 - Dungeons & Dragons Pt 2

Charming People

After a brief foray into our DnD character backstories, the gang returns. Angie, Paula, Grigsby, Thom and Jack are all still adjusting to being in different bodies, but that can't stop them from fulfilling a quest. One of them decides they have an accent. Jack learns the power of humiliation. Paula learns the power of...power. Someone dies.

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Ep 6 - DnD Prequel

The Gang's First Quest

What were Rachel, Minerva, Charlie, Graphalcon and Houndstooth like before the gang lept into their boddies? Was Charlie always so extra? Has Minerva always been so laid back? What does being "Chaotic Neutral" actually mean to Graphalcon? Find out all these things and more in this week's prequel episode of Quantum Quest.

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Ep 5 - Dungeons & Dragons Pt 1

A new Quest

Jack finally dies. Kamali gives the five friends their marching orders. We all adjust to new lives as other people. Grigsby gets even dumber? A NEW QUEST BEGINS!

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Episode 5 Preview

Clips to Come

Have you been wondering what the hell is up with Kumali and what his ultimate plan is? Well, he reveals it all in this preview for next week's episode. Also, Grigsby sees into another dimension and Jack takes dying very not serious.

If you can't wait until next week, we hope this bite tides you over until the next full episode.

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Ep 4 - The End of the World Part 4

On the Road Again

The survivng members of the gang realize that they may run out of food and go looking for help. But, if we're being honest, there is really no way to help this group.

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Episode 4 Preview

After Death

SPOILERS if you have not yet listened to episode 3!

What happened to that one character after they died in the last episode? Well, listen to this bonus content to find out!

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Ep 3 - The End of the World Part 3

Survival School

The gang continues to hide out from what appears to be the apocalypse in a school. Angie goes missing. We take a trek to Walgreens for supplies. SOMEONE DIES!

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